Top pick: Baker Skateboard Complete

#1 Best Skateboard For Flip Tricks

Choosing your first skateboard was a difficult task as you were just getting into skating, and you had what seemed to be a million options to choose from. Most likely, you purchased the skateboard with the coolest imagery on the deck, as you didn’t know better, and frankly, it probably looked pretty cool.

Now that you have been skating for a bit and have some experience and knowledge under your belt, it’s time to upgrade your board, and choosing a board based on how cool the picture it has on it is will not work this time.

Instead, now that you have decided that you want to focus on performing kickflips and other tricks, you need to find a tailormade board for this purpose. Finding the perfect board for flip tricks isn’t that hard to do, especially when you know what to look for to find the best skateboard for flip tricks.

Best Skateboards For Flip Tricks Feature:

Here are the top features to look for in skateboards that are meant for performing flip tricks:

  • Width: Kick flip skateboards should have a deck width between 7.75 and 8.25 inches to ensure it is easy to manuever.
  • Wheels: The wheels on a flip trick skateboard are extremely important and they need to be hard, conical shaped and the right diameter. Most professionals recommend that flip trick skateboards use a wheel with a hardness rating of 99a or 100a and have a diameter of 52-54mm.
  • Trucks: The trucks you on the skateboard should match the width of the board exactly. So if your board has a width of 8 inches, the trucks should also be 8 inches.
  • Deck: The deck of the board should be made from high quality woods, that are both durable and lightweight. The skateboard is going to be roughed up while you learn to do flips and if the board is made from cheap materials that easily break, then the deck will not last through your first attempts.

Baker Skateboard Complete Brand Logo White 8.25″

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When it comes to skateboards, there are few brands that are as well known and recognizable as a Baker board. This skateboard will not disappoint you. Like all Baker boards, it is made from high quality materials, it is light weight, and it comes with everything you need to start riding.

My favorite part of the board is that it was 100% designed to be used as a flip trick board. To do this, Baker created a board with a deck that is 8.25 inches wide, and has 52mm wheels that are rated at 99a. The best skateboards for flip tricks are 28-32 inches wide and and are on wheels that are 52mm and a hardness of 99a or 100a and this means that Baker’s board hits all of the marks for a flip trick board.

If you do not choose the Zero board, then the Baker is by far the next best option for flip tricks.

Blind Complete Skateboards

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This Blind skateboard may not be the best option for all riders, and that is because it is meant for smaller, younger skaters. Seeing as this board is made for smaller, younger skaters, it does not offer all of the the best features on other flip trick boards. Instead, it is a board that is extremely strong and lightweight which makes it easy for kids to learn on and perform tricks with.

If you are shopping for a flip trick board for kids, then this board is a very good option and it will provide them with a solid, smooth riding skateboard.

Enjoi Complete Skateboard

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While the Enjoi skateboard is made from decent materials and has most of the right measurements to be a good flip trick board, its bearings and the wheels that come with it are not that great. In fact, the only part of the skateboard that is worth keeping is the deck. The rest simply isn’t made well and many customers who buy it have found that it is missing some of the essential pieces to put it together.

Element Skateboards Complete Board

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Element boards are a well known and well respected brand that produces pretty decent skateboards. This board is made from high quality materials, and it has all of the right measurements to make it an excellent flip trick board, but it comes completely unassembled. Element says that they do this to allow their customers to fully customize the board to their own liking, but it really just adds work and time trying to figure out how the board is supposed to be put together.

If you are looking for a board that you can quickly get to using, then this is not it. If you have extra time to figure out how to put this all together, then the board should be good for any of the flip tricks you do.

Zero Skateboard

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This Zero skateboard is sweet, literally. It is made from 100% Canadian maple veneer, reinforced with epoxy and resin glue to make it stronger. These boards are individually pressed to ensure that each skateboard has the right concave and curvature to offer the best ride and trick performance.

These boards have stronger decks than most others, and this allows for better pops as well as a longer deck life. Even though these boards are durable and made from strong materials, they are incredibly lightweight, which is important for performing tricks. In addition to the board being well built, it also comes with core trucks, USA made bushings, and wheels that are rated 99a. All of this means that this skateboard is the best skateboard for performing flip tricks. I highly recommend you buy it.


If you are looking to purchase the best skateboard for doing flip tricks, then Zero’s skateboard is by far the best one to buy. It is made from extremely durable materials that are meant to take a beating, which means as you are learning to do kick flips, you do not have to worry about your skateboard breaking on your second attempt.

The next best option is the Baker skateboard. It has all of the right dimensions and hardware to be a lightweight and excellent flip trick board. If you do not purchase the Zero skateboard, then the Baker board is the next best option.



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